Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Testing and Welcome

Testing out the new blog for the Social Enterprises Legal Society, made up of students of the Washington College of Law. We met for the first time as a group on February 9, 2012 and are hoping to be formally accepted as a student group at WCL shortly. In the meantime and going forward, we have set up this blog as a way to enter the discussion on the growing trend of social enterprises as students of the law.

We have many ideas for what this blog could be used for:
  • Posts discussing the numerous legal issues surrounding social enterprises, and what that means for social entrepeneurs
  • Case studies of social enterprises, with a specific focus on why the company was formed as a social enterprise in an effort to understand whether the law helps or hinders that goal
  • Journal the process of forming a social enterprise (e.g., benefit corporation)
  • Collaborations with other groups, both academic and professional, including the Social Entrepeneurship Masters Program at American University and Law For Change
  • Announcing any events, including our own, relevant to those interested in social enterprises
Hopefully much more to come on the blog.

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